Power Point templates can save you a lot of time on your presentation.

This post is constantly updated. Every time I find or send me a template that is worth including, I will, since the purpose of this article is that we can all have the templates we need.

I started with 70 … to see how far we got …

It is clear that if you know and have time, it is best that you make your own PowerPoint template with the fonts, colors and multimedia elements that you decide.

But we don’t always have the necessary time or knowledge, so it’s good to know where you can download PowerPoint templates.

Before continuing to talk about PowerPoint templates, it is important that you know the difference between PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint themes.


Difference between PowerPoint template and PowerPoint theme


What is a PowerPoint theme?


A PowerPoint theme is the quick way to format a presentation.

The theme includes a consistent format of text, images, tables, charts, etc.

Themes can be applied to the presentation at any time from the Design tab.


What is a Powerpoint tenplate?


A PowerPoint template is the same as a theme, but you can add extra content.

The template must be chosen from the beginning.

Both are based on the slide master, which allows you to modify the style throughout the entire template.

But we will see this slowly when we dedicate ourselves to creating our own PowerPoint template.

Now let’s go to what concerns us, where to download free PowerPoint templates.

PowerPoint itself has a number of templates by default, but it is true that they are not particularly pretty.


Next, I leave you a list of places where to download more interesting templates than the typical ones that come with PowerPoint.

I am not going to get to make a super wide list of all the sites that exist, because many of them do not have anything differential, I am only going to make a list of those sites with different PowerPoint templates and that I usually use.


If you need something more classic or normal, you can always go to google and search for “Download free PowerPoint templates” or “Download free PowerPoint templates” and you will find hundreds.

What I will do in the end is tell you the templates that I liked the most depending on the use that I am going to give them: ppt templates for education, templates for marketing, to make your elevator pitch, etc.

Free and creative powerpoint templates on Showeet

A very interesting site where you can download PowerPoint templates to make maps, mind maps, progress diagrams.

A must if you want to make an original PowerPoint presentation.

For example, this presentation of mind maps that is spectacular

plantilla mapas mentales

E-learning héroes

Mandatory visit, you will find templates that you will not believe are free, seriously.

Look at this template and freak out:



ppt circulos original


A very good page to keep finding different presentations.

Look at the type of templates you can find


plantilla powerpoint comic


A new discovery where you can find templates as cool as these that you see below. They are quite out of the norm. Don’t tell me they’re not cool?

plantillas de power point gratis


And if what you are looking for are Powerpoint templates to make infographics, be sure to visit the Hubspot website, where you can download these cool ones:

plantillas powerpoint infografias

Really, if among these five pages you do not find what you are looking for it is because you are already to go to another level and create your own because it must be recognized that they have really spectacular PowerPoint templates (and free).

But just in case you are still missing something, I will help you with the PowerPoint templates that I liked the best depending on what you are going to use them for. 


Best Free and Paid Power Point Templates


Ok, I have included some of payment because there are templates that are worth it, but almost all are free. 

Best PowerPoint Templates for Professional Presentations

Preparing a professional presentation is a very broad term, since it will depend on the sector in which you work, but I am going to leave you with a series of generic ppt presentations that you can use for any purpose.

Later we will see sectors in particular where you can find power point templates more focused on the sector in question

Free PowerPoint templates for professional presentations

1)    Power point template with organization charts

Free PPTX template with creative editable organization charts.

plantilla powerpoint educacion gratis
2)     Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

Show off your Gantt chart with this free PowerPoint template. Graphics are fully editable.

plantilla powerpoint profesional
3)      Power point template to present to the team

If you need to introduce the team, with this presentation template you can present the team or a specific person.

plantilla profesional ppt
5)     Professional template CORPO

Modern PowerPoint template for professional presentations.

Combining black and white photos and modern designs it is very flexible for freelancers or companies.


ppt plantilla profesional
6)     Modern and professional ppt template


 Another professional template, this time with a dark background and using hexagonal shapes.


It is a very suitable template for corporate presentations or creative agencies.




powerpoint plantilla profesional oscura
7)     Modern template with color options

 This ppt template has a modern design with gradient included. Add a touch of style to your next presentation.

plantilla de powerpoint prof
8)     Minimalist business tempalte

Ideal PowerPoint template to present a business with minimalist style. The photos used in the template are from Unsplash and free to use.

Plantilla de negocio minimalista
9)     Google general purpose template

This Google template is a pack of 50 professionally designed slides. Allows you to customize colors, sizes and appearance of the shapes.

It is true that it is for google slides, but you can use it in PowerPoint.

Plantilla de propósito general de Google
10)     Black and white template with a splash of color 

 This black and white template has a touch of color, making it very beautiful and professional..

 Plantilla en blanco y negro con un toque de color
11)     Simple template with sleek and modern design

Modern and stylish design template. The photos, colors and fonts are very easy to customize.

Plantilla simple de diseño elegante y moderno
12)     Template to make covers with cut out images

If you need a visual and striking cover with this PowerPoint template of images in shapes you will achieve the desired effect.

Plantilla para hacer portadas con imágenes recortadas

Best Power Point Templates for Education

If you are looking for PowerPoint templates to prepare your classes, give training or prepare the schedules for this year, here is a selection of free and paid ppt templates that will help you.

Free Education PowerPoint Templates

13)     Power point template to develop the class schedule.

If you need a template made in PowerPoint to capture the school schedule, this is your template.

Plantilla de power point para elaborar el horario de clases.
14)     Dynamic template for interactive timelines

This template seems to me personally spectacular. It allows you to create a timeline with the different slides and then see it as a whole thanks to the transitions between them.

Plantilla dinámica para líneas de tiempo interactivas
15)  Escape rooms based powerpoint template

I see many possibilities for this template based on the scape room games. You can discover clues by clicking on the different objects in the room.

 Plantilla de powerpoint basada en el sistema de escape rooms
16)     Template to do training trainings

Customizable template to do training trainings.

Plantilla para hacer trainings de formación
17)     PowerPoint template for making a treasure map
Plantilla de powerpoint para hacer un mapa del tesoro
18)     Power point template as a tabletop

With this template you can simulate a board game in which you can customize the actions of the squares.

Plantilla de power point como un tablero de mesa
19)    Template to take a course or guided tour

This powerpoint template is perfect for taking a guided tour of an application or course.

 Plantilla para hacer un curso o visita guiado
20)     Tabbed template for creating a training course

Very interesting this template of tabs with animation. 

Plantilla con pestañas para crear un curdo de formación
21)     Template with the possibility of revealing more content

In this template you can add more information than what appears on the slide with an animation of the type “click and reveal”

Plantilla con posibilidad de revelar más contenido
22)     Templates for testing

If what you need is to do a test, with this ppt template you can do it more joyfully.


Plantillas para hacer test
73)     Template to present your master’s thesis

Ideal for all those students who want to present their final master’s thesis and make a good impression on the jury

Plantilla con posibilidad de revelar más contenido

Paid Education PowerPoint Templates

24) Templates for learning the solar system


Plantillas para aprender el sistema solar

Best PowerPoint Templates for Medicine or Health

If you are preparing a presentation for the clinical session or want to present to your colleagues, these powerpoint presentations will help you make your presentation much more professional.

Free medicine or health PowerPoint templates

25) Template with figures the human body

Prepare your powerpoint presentation with figures of the human body to be able to highlight those points you need.

Plantilla con figuras el cuerpo humano
26) Template with medication illustrations

Template with pill and medicine bottles to illustrate your clinical presentation.

Plantilla con ilustraciones de medicación
27) Medical PowerPoint template

Medical template with illustrations for presentations on health, medicine, hospitals, etc.

Plantilla médica de PowerPoint
28) Medical template with illustrations

Professional presentation in light blue colors very interesting for presentations on health related topics.

Plantilla médica con ilustraciones
71) Clinical case PowerPoint template

In order to present a clinical case to the medical community, in a novel and visual way.

Plantilla médica de PowerPoint

Paid Health or Medicine PowerPoint Templates


If you have not had enough with these that I present to you for free, you can always make use of the paid powerpoint templates. I leave you a selection of these templates

29) Medical Professional PowerPoint Template

99-slide presentation with icons included for a spectacular clinical presentation.

Possibility of making infographics with human organs, medical diagrams, etc.


Plantilla de PowerPoint profesional médica
30) Medical and Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Modern template with a clean style. Make medical infographics, health care slides, etc.




Plantilla PowerPoint Medical and Healthcare
31) Medical Presentation PowerPoint Template


Plenty of options to present a medical breakthrough, a drug, or any clinical topic you can think of.

Contains infographics, charts, timelines, medical symbols, etc.

Plantilla PowerPoint de Presentación Médica

Best PowerPoint Templates for your elevator pitch


You need a supporting presentation to present your elevator pitch.

Here is a selection of some power point templates that can help you with this.

Free PowerPoint templates for your elevator pitch

32) PowerPoint template with teamwork illustrations

Free template to create your presentation with graphic images of teamwork.

Plantilla de PowerPoint con ilustraciones de trabajo en equipo
33) Simple and professionally designed Olivia presentation template

Fresh design and easy to customize to make your presentation adapted to your brand.

Plantilla para presentación Olivia sencilla y de diseño profesional
34) Fun and original presentation templates

With a more lively design and with a pattern of circles, this template allows you to make the presentation of your elevator pitch more animated

Plantillas de presentación divertida y original
35) Modern and colorful presentation template


Modern template that although it has a dark cover inside hides very colorful slides.

Simple and that fits practically any subject.

Plantilla de presentación moderna y colorida

PowerPoint templates for your paid elevator pitch

36) Professional pitch template

Well, with this template you can present a pitch in a professional way. I’m not going to entertain myself commenting, it is better that you go in and see it better.

Plantilla de pitch profesional
37) Professional ppt template with infographics

I think this template with 498 slides will help you to present any information about your business.



Plantilla ppt profesional con infografías
38) Creative Power Point presentation to make your business presentation

Countless slides on this screen with infographics included for marketing, social networks, seo, …

Modern and professional, the following template can help you make a modern and stylish presentation.

Presentación creativa de Power Point para hacer tu presentación de negocio
39) Template designed to create a presentation of your next business


Specific template to present a new business.

Fully suitable for an “elevator pitch”.

It even includes the canvas to present the business model.

Plantilla pensada para crear una presentación de tu próximo negocio
40) Elegant powerpoint template


Elegant template that will allow you to present your business in a powerful and convincing way.

Easily express your idea with this powerpoint template.

Plantilla de powerpoint elegante

Best PowerPoint Templates for Making Infographics

Free infographic PowerPoint templates

41) Road infographic template

Ppt template with infographics in routes mode. Very useful for illustrating ideas, timelines or processes.

Plantilla infográfica de carreteras
42)Radial infographic template

Another infographic template, but this time with radial charts.

Plantilla de infográficos radiales
43) Ppt template with charts for infographics


Free powerpoint presentation with infographic templates so you can illustrate all your ideas.

Use visual metaphors instead of words and you will achieve greater impact

Plantilla ppt con gráficos para infografía
44) PowerPoint template with demographics infographic elements

If what you need are demographics for your presentation, here is a totally free template with tons of templates.

Plantilla de powerpoint con elementos infográficos de demografía
45) Template to present dynamic infographics

If you want dynamic infographics for your presentation, this is your template. Download it and add interactivity to your presentation.

Plantilla para presentar infografías dinámicas

PowerPoint templates for making payment infographics

46) Powerpoint template collection with lots of elements for infographics


Collection piece (bundle) to make infographics.

It contains more than 100 slides with elements to make infographics.

A very affordable price for everything you carry.

bundle plantilla power point

Best PowerPoint Templates for Marketing and Social Media

Free Marketing & Social Media PowerPoint Templates

47) Social media powerpoint template

Template with social media elements. It will serve you for presentations of social networks, marketing, digital communication, etc.

Plantilla powerpoint de social media
48) Internet Marketing ppt template

Presentation for digital marketing. It is a fairly complete presentation to be able to express all your marketing ideas.

Plantilla ppt para Marketing en Internet
49) SWOT analysis template with silhouettes


If what you need is to put a SWOT in your marketing strategy, this template can go like a glove.

It allows you to ungroup parts of the silhouettes which gives you more possibilities of expression.

Plantilla para análisis dafo con siluetas
50) Power point templates with images of iPhones and iPads

This is a template with illustrations of iphones and ipads that can be great for showing screens on devices (products, designs, etc.)


Plantillas de power point con imágenes de iPhones y iPads
51) SWOT analysis template

This is another SWOT analysis template with an original and creative design.

Use it to present your strategic plan.


Plantilla para análisis SWOT (DAFO)
72) Template for making a marketing plan

This is a template with perfect ingredients to present a fresh and dynamic marketing plan

Plantilla para análisis SWOT (DAFO)

Best templates with diagrams and graphs

Templates with free charts and graphs

52) Plantilla gratuita de powerpoint para presentar Dashboards

If you need to display a dashboard, this ppt template will be very useful.

World map, pie chart, important metrics … Take a look because it can be very useful to show your KPIs.


Plantilla gratuita de powerpoint para presentar Dashboards
53) Fish diagram template

Nice template in the shape of a “scrape” or fish that comes in handy to explain a problem resolution.



Plantilla diagrama de pez
54) Free ppt template with Gantt chart

If you also want to express your global plan in a Gantt chart with this powerpoint template, you have it very easy.

Great for project management or general planning.


Plantilla ppt gratis con diagrama de Gantt
55) Another ppt template for presenting dashboards


Another very good pptx template to express dashboards clearly.

30 slides that give a lot of information, it sure covers your needs.

Otra plantilla de ppt para presentar cuadros de mando
56) Power Point template with wheel diagrams


If you need wheel diagrams this template will suit you perfectly.

6 slides with 3 editable shapes.

Plantilla de Power Point con diagramas de rueda
57) Mind mapping ppt template

Do you need to make mind maps? Look what presentation I just found!

Free and in powerpoint.


Plantilla ppt para hacer mapas mentales
58) Duarte diagrammer templates


Pay attention to this that I leave you now because it is not a template, but it is even better. On this page, you can select the type of chart you need and download it.

Change the model, the number of nodes and you have it.

Essential for your free template library.

Plantillas diagrammer de duarte
59) Template with models to make timelines

If what you need is to make timelines in PowerPoint, in this template you have several creative examples of timelines that you can edit.

Plantilla con modelos para hacer líneas de tiempo
60) Presentation template for organizing important milestones

This one freaks me out, seriously.

It’s like a timeline but dynamic, and simple, and elegant.

Plantilla para presentaciones para organizar hitos importantes

Best PowerPoint Templates with Maps

Best Free Maps PowerPoint Templates

61) Ppt template with maps of Spain

Editable maps of Spain that you can include in your presentation.

Plantilla ppt con mapas de España
62) Ppt templates with world map

World maps in PowerPoint version. You do not have to draw them, they are already made.

Plantillas ppt con mapa del mundo
63) Ppt templates with Europe map

And maps of Europe, so you have all kinds. 

Plantillas de ppt con el mapa de Europa
64) Pixel world map template

And this one of the world that is different because it is pixelated.

Plantilla del mapa del mundo en píxeles

Best PowerPoint Templates for Resumes

Best PowerPoint Templates to Make Free Resumes

Do you want to make your resume in pdf or powerpoint? Well, start with these templates and it will be spectacular.

65) Two column resume powerpoint template

Bordered resume template, organized in tables and very professional and elegant.

Plantilla de powerpoint para curriculum a dos columnas
66) Cv template in powerpoint organized in table

Free one page Curriculum vitae template. With percentage tools in donut mode.

Plantilla de cv en powerpoint organizada en tabla
67) Simple resume template

Another free Curriculum template with 2 columns. 

Plantilla sencilla para curricumlum vitae
68) Minimalist resume template for PowerPoint

Minimalist and sober resume with this template

Plantilla de curriculum minimalista en PowerPoint

Best PowerPoint Templates for Phrases

Best Free Phrase PowerPoint Templates

69) Nice powerpoint template to put quotes of famous people

You already know that sharing phrases on social networks takes a lot. Well, with these free templates you can create yours to your liking and then share them

Bonita plantilla de powerpoint para poner citas de personajes famosos
70) PowerPoint template to put quotes in comic mode

And if you want to get out of the norm a bit, these comic mode templates are super original.


Plantilla de powerpoint para poner citas en modo comic

Well, and I think I leave you enough templates for you to spend a while downloading and testing … and for you to reach the conclusion by yourself:


Do you really think that PowerPoint is not useful?

You just need to know how to use it well